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Puppies at Connemara's Highlands

Dianne: Connemara's Highlands and Clos des Castagniers is happy to announce the marriage of Jack Mack's Q-cù Sona (CH Jack Mack's Ethne Effyd x Ch Escape Krasna Louka) and Luke Krasna Louka (Ch Beauty Krasna Louka x Ch Amos von Sconau). Rauli is MDR/1 +/- and CEA free at seven weeks. Luke is MDR/1 +/+, CEA non-carrier (genetically tested) DM non-carrier (degenerative Myelopathy) and Pure for smooth coat. Puppies will be tri and sable and are expected around 4th November.They will be MDR/1 non affected and CEA non-affected. See news and photos on this link to Connemara's Highlands http://www.sheepdog.eu/connemarashighlands/index.php/

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