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Sable puppies in KoToRa kennel (Poland)

Loriseum: Hello, I would like to announce that there are two very promising sable boys available in KoToRa kennel in Poland. They were born on August 7, 2011 and parents are: PLCH, PLJCH, PLJW, BOG-2, BOG-3 HD - A, ED - 0/0, CEA Normal (DNA non-carrier) [url=http://smooth-collie-database.freehostia.com/view.php?id=2803]Loriseum ARROYO[/url] and PLCH, PLJCH HD - A [url=http://smooth-collie-database.freehostia.com/view.php?id=102]MY SMOOTH GIRL KoToRa[/url] Here are current pictures of puppies: NO COMMENT SMOOTH KoToRa: NOLAN SMOOTH KoToRa: Together: Please feel free to contact the BREEDER or me at info@smoothcollie.pl if you are interested or have any questions :)

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