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Puppies at Connemara's Highlands are born

Dianne: New litter of smooth collies at Connemara's Highlands by Luke x Rauli We are thrilled to announce that our Luke (Luke Krásná Louka), great-grandson of Sadie (Ch Astrellita Gold Dust) has sired a litter of 7 puppies by Rauli (Ch Jack Mack's Q-Cu Sona) born just a few days ago at Serge Armelin's kennels Connemara's Highlands. More information and photos will be posted during the week.

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Dianne: http://connemarashighlands.chiens-de-france.com/site_eleveur/index.php?rub=portees&page=detail&ID_ELEVEUR=36&ID_SITE=13229&ID_PORTEE=102443&avenir=0 Five puppies available at Connemara's Highlands

Dianne: Three puppies left at Connemara's Highlands

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