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First litter at Of Connemara's Highlands

connemara04: Multi Championne Jack Mack'S Cù-Sona "Rauli" (CH. Escape Krasna Louka X CH. Jack Mack's Ethne Effyd) et Multi Champion Ciéran du Clos des Castagniers (CH. Whashishi's Gideon x CH. Astrellita Gold Dust) are happy to announce the birth of a litter of smooths on 15 Mai 2010: sables and tricolores: 3 splendid tricolor dogs, 2 super tricolor bitches, 2 splendid sable dogs and 1 superb sable bitch. Link to a photo gallery of the puppies at 3 days.

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connemara04: For more information, please go to the Connemara's Highlands website: http://collie-online.com/connemarahighlands/ Serge Armelin Elevage "Of Connemara's Highlands" Route de Dabisse Campagne La Tuilière 04 700 ORAISON Tel : 0033 4 92 34 31 10 E-mail:serge@armelin.net

Jack Mack: Lovely puppies - but of course I am biased /Gudrun

Dianne: Black is very proud of his puppies and wishes them good luck

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