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Sandcastle's Suit Yourself x Sandcastle's My Cup Of Tea

Nina: We are expecting first Smooth Collie puppies in Croatia! sire: Sandcastle's Suit Yourself Finnish Champion HD A/A ED 0/0 CEA/PRA free Finnish mental test +125p dam: Sandcastle's My Cup Of Tea International, Croatian & Slovenian Champion HD A/A ED 0/0 CEA free (DNA non carrier) PRA free (DNA non carrier) Puppies are due around July 30th 2010. If you're interested or you have any questions, feel free to contact me nina.zubrinic (at) gmail.com www.smooth-collie.com

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asandzan: I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your puppies

Nelson: Lovely parents, we cross fingers for lovely puppies

semi: NINA aaalll the best for Tia´s pups huuuuge from brother Nikita an Jana

MacGee's: Best of luck!

Lisa: So, are they here yet??? All the best for them, and good luck!

Nina: Tia & her daughter

Leneli: Hi Nina, your black lady is realy SWEET Congratulations!!!


Nina: Toonian Yksi Yritys 5.5 weeks old... first attempt of standing photo ... and a few more... ... and one short movie...




Alertness: Very good-looking puppy

Nina: Thanks! Few new photos, she is almost 8 weeks old

miisaonni: She is so lovely Miisa and uncle Onni

semi: Sweet litle lady! Wish her all the best in future* huuug from uncle Nikita

Nina: Miisa & Jana, thank you! :) Here is one more photo of the girls


Bila Kaífa: Hi Nina, they are GREAT!!! Your little sweetie is so CUTE! Lovely puppy. Send kiss for your girls. Dita and Bila Kaífa collies www.bila-kaifa.com

Nina: Thank you Dita! :)

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