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Leneli "D" Litter

Leneli: We have 5 sweet puppies 3 wonderful blue-merle boys, 1 tricolour girl and 1 blue-merle girl (she is WF). More on our new Leneli sites

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Lisa: Congratulations Lenka and greetings to Bayla and the puppies Mummy

Leneli: Lisa: Thanks! Congratulations on Skips puppies too!

Lisa: Thanks Lenka - unfortunately all still available...

Leneli: One from our boys...


Lisa: Wow, so sweet puppies and great silver coloring! congratulations!

MacGee's: How cute!

Leneli: ... here

Dianne: Lovely puppies - congratulations

Leneli: Our puppies are 5 weeks old. You cann see them on VIDEO

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