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F-Litter du Finfond - Puppies available in France

Lisa: Finally there are the first puppies by my sweet boy 'Skip' born on 25th of June 2010 1 tri girl (very promising), 1 sable girl with lots of white and 3 sable boys are looking for loving (show?) homes! Sire: A JCh, A ClubCh, H Ch, A Ch and InterCh MultiClubWinner, Bundessieger 2008 Braveheart Cody von Weidmann's Winzerhof [BGH 1] HD-A (free), CEA DNA non-carrier, MDR1 +/-, Eyes clear as puppy and 2010 Dam: Fr Ch, BOB Camail du Vent des Moissons [CSAU, TAN-A] HD-A (free), CEA DNA carrier, MDR1 +/-, Eyes clear Pictures are on the breeder's homepage, Kennel du Finfond If you are interested feel free to contact me or breeder Catherine Brisedou All Puppies will be CEA and MDR1 DNA tested!

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Lisa: Today the CEA DNA results came for 'our' puppies! Fatin Farada and Fech Fech are non-carriers Fissa Fissa, Fab Fahd and Ftizen Tizen are carriers... The MDR1 results are expected too, I will post them as soon as I get them Fab Fahd: Fech Fech: Ftizen Tizen:

Lisa: Fatin Farada: Fissa Fissa:

Eposia: So cute

Lisa: And we have the MDR1 results today!! Fissa +/+ Fech +/- Fahd +/+ Farada +/- Ftizen +/+ So not a single affected puppy from two carrier parents - we are soo happy about that and now hope for great homes

Nelson: Congratulation Lisa and Cathrine! Cross fingers for good homes!

connemara04: great news Catherine and Lisa

Lisa: Yes, we are very happy about the MDR1 results... however, the puppies are still all looking for new homes

Lisa: New video of the puppies: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xeg1de_14-08-et-le-combat-cessa-faute-de-p_animals Unfortunately they are still all looking for loving owners :( and they are soo pretty and lovely characters...

Dianne: Hi Lisa and Catherine - I sent you a message, but I was not logged in properly (long story), so here we go again - congratulations for the great results of the puppies and hoping you find good homes for them.

Lisa: Thank you Dianne, but they are still all looking - I whonder why... they have great temperaments and health results...

Collie Dolli: Lisa I think, it would be good to place more beautiful photos of puppies (stays and portraits) and to tell a few about each of them - about their habits, characters, show- and sports prospects Does you sent the information on puppies on a "collie-online"?

Lisa: Well, these are all the pictures I get from their breeder, so this is all I have. The puppies are already in the database and on collie-online. All of them would make wonderful sporting dogs, especially Fech Fech has a very outgoing and brave character :) He would make a perfect dog for sports and activities. Also, both parents have been proven herders on sheep, so the puppies are very likely to herd, too. As for the girls, Farada is a little more active than Fissa and she never gives up in playing :) Fissa is a little more easy-going and might be perfect as a first-dog. The two boys Ftizen and Fadh are both very similar in character, very gentle but active and very promising to be good show and sport-dogs. As I said, fech is even more outgoing than the rest of them :) For more information about the characters I am sure Catherine (Kennel du Finfond) can tell you more, as I have only the information from the e-mails and videos she sent me :)

Dianne: It's a difficult time to sell puppies at the moment as August is holiday time in France- when people get back from holiday, they may begin to think about puppies. I do hope so.

Lisa: New Pictures of the puppies, now 8 weeks old already, can be seen here they are all so cute I wish I could go and see them, but it is a long way from Vienna to south of France

termite: beautiful puppies

Glenmorangie: Hello all, Long time I did not butt in.... Yes, so cute, even beautiful puppies But I want to say more interesting things about them than these conventional words Collie Dolli wrote: I think, it would be good to place more beautiful photos of puppies (stays and portraits) This is exactly what Catherine tries to do. She ALWAYS tries to do her best when she does something. If you already have had a litter, you should know that this is not easy "to shoot" well alive Smooth Collie puppies, unless they are sleeping. And everyone does with its own conditions and material. But I am sure that Catherine would be very happy if you offered her a professional photographer to satisfy your aesthetic tastes !!! Hello Dianne, Hopefully you are well since the last time we were in touch It's a difficult time to sell puppies at the moment as August is holiday time in France OK, this is a fact But, as far as I understand you, that means that people are at home in other countries. Thus, potientially ready to buy a Finfond's Puppy.... Especially with such good Health Results..... No ? Maybe there are few people already interested ? I don't know, but maybe...... ----- OK. Please take a look at these charming pages, week after week (I translated texts in English for a more universal understanding) : - "Finfond's F. Kids" Thursday June 24, 22h00...... Friday June 25, 21h45...... Here they are !!! 1 tricolore girl, 1 sable girl, 3 sable boys : the most beautiful of the world :-))) Very alert... and already a nice character !!! I am happy to present you : FISSA FISSA, first born, the lone tricolore of the gang, with a temperament of fire :-)) FECH FECH, second born (and 1st boy), particular little Smooth with a short tail... FAB FAHD, (third born) second boy, with a so harmoniously composed coat :-)) FATIN FARADA, the second girl, "the Funny Coat" :-)) And the fifth element and third boy, FTIZEN TIZEN, when daily weighing... ... Follow their adventures within these pages regularly updated and, especially, especially, be assured that this is with a great pleasure that I will answer your questions about them :-)) - "1 week old" For a while, I was afraid that Camaïl's milk was not enough... But it is OK ! The proof : all the babies have doubled their birth weight at 7 days old :-)) They are alive and well and take life as it comes :-))) I decided to do the same ;-) Video to show them trying to walk on their 4 paws !! Let's them few day yet to perfect themselves ;-))) Will FAB FAHD and FISSA be the most curious ? Anyway, they have been the firsts to look at the world !!! Then, FISSA, what do you thing about life ??? :-)) - "2 weeks old" FATIN FARADA, 712 g. Still not quite perfect with "the 4 paws" walking but an iron willing able to erase moutains ;-))) FISSA FISSA, 935 g. A "Very Promising" physic ;-)))) Style "which-does-not-let-others-walking-on-her-feet" :-)) FAB FAHD, 695 g. A very harmonious body and a truely quiet character :-)) FECH FECH, 921 g. My bear, solid as a rock, the perfect Teddy-Bear :-))) FTIZEN TIZEN, 839 g. A development which lets us imagine the best ;-)))) 10 eyes open, teeth sort out, we guess the firsts games but... the main activities remain that.... And that.... And that :-)))) They have now their personal pages in chapter "Productions" :-))) - "3 weeks old" They are becoming "true little dogs" :-)) They taste their first "big dog" meal to celebrate the event... FTIZEN TIZEN cleans the plate ;-)) But, the true value remains MUMMY ;-))) After the meal, few games... Fatin Farada never gives up :-))) The adventure is going on with the discorvery of a new space : the puppy pen, placed in the living room of the house. The birth-box, they know it "like their pockets" : Life is elsewhere !!! Here, in exemple (video) - "Stars Pics 3 weeks old" Léa and me did our best but the puppies were not eager to collaborate ;-)) The result is not very "pro" : we will do better next time :-))) FATIN FARADA, 1101 g. FISSA FISSA,1332 g. FAB FAHD, 1068 g. FECH FECH, 1303 g. FTIZEN TIZEN, 1260 g. - "4 weeks old" My weighing machine explodes : their weights are 8, 9 and even 10 times their birth weighs !!!! therefore, no problem : they grow up :-))) New portraits : ---- CEA and MDR1 samples have been carefully taken... Farada and Fech in a puppy pen... Fissa and Ftizen in another one... and Fahd in Zlata's basket ;-) They easily waited each after other. Will I rest so quiet in waitin the results ???? - "5 weeks old" ... Tempus fugit.... And the babies take this opportunity for growing, growing.... ;-)) They run, jump, climb, invent, innovate... About 3 kg of concentrated energy for each of them. :-))) Gas, Gas :-))) Hum... Good time is far where each had its comfortable place at the milk bar : from now on, the battle is hard :-)) They do no longer choose the best udder, they take the one they are successful to get own and try to keep it... ad nauseam !!! (video) After a sweet moment of relaxation under the supervision of a tenderly mother : (video) this is the welcome rest :-))) In the meantime, we got Genomia (CZ) results : --- No puppy is CEA and MDR1 affected :-))))) - "6 weeks old" New meetings... FECH FECH and Cyrielle, FISSA FISSA and Mary, FECH FECH and the third type creature ;-) New exploits.... (video) Pffff. Even no wound ;-))) FAB FAHD coming back from great monkey hunting, FTIZEN TIZEN tries to hide his toy under the cover... (video) And after all that, the rest is welcome :-)) (hum... for me too :-)) - "Stars Pics at 6 weeks old" From left to right :....... Next time, we will try without the puppy pen :-) They will be available in 2 weeks... Feel free to contact me for further information :-))) - "7 weeks old" From left to right : ...... But where is Ftizen ? And their character assert : true little Smoot... as we like them : (video) Farada never gives up... except in Justine's arms ;-))) My great warriors love cuddles, but not car ;-))) But this is worthy when the goal of the trip is beautiful and healthy walking in the wild :-))) - "8 weeks old" FATIN FARADA : a fearless princess, very active and willing in game, and who loves cuddles :-) FISSA FISSA : always smiling and "the word for laughing". She is sure life is beautiful. See by yourself : (video) (video) Moves with great ease and easy going :-)) She also loves cuddles... and a comfortable bed ;-))) FAB FAHD : the "Little Prince" :-)) Elegant, attractive, charming :-))) Some caresses on the belly and he stops every activity ;-))) FECH FECH : "Little Big Bear" : this nickname sticks to him :-)) Very active and fast, he has the temperament for a sportive life :-))) the Gang's Chief ???? Maybe ;-) But there is.... FTIZEN TIZEN : very shaded coat. He is also of solid style ;-)) A marshmallow rock that melts under hugs... This is him and I love him like that :-)) :-)) That's my babies at 8 weeks old :-)) Ok, my pictures are not very...... professional !!! And this is normal after all : I am nothing but amateur ;-)))) But if one of them attract you, please feel free to ask for other pics .... My best picture ? Here is : Robert who knows to be so patient ;-)))))))) Every Puppy has its own pages in chapter "Productions" : you will find more pictures that you can enlarge from a click ;-)))... ... ... ------------------- Note from me, Glenmorangie : now, after having studied these puppies curriculum vitae (and much more within this Smooth Collie website), who could not fall in love with one Finfond's Baby ? Huh ? So, feel free to contact the breeder, Catherine Brisedou, at "Contact", you ALWAYS will be WELCOME (if you are serious ! ) Best regards, Françoise

Lisa: Thank you Dianne very well said I am sure Catherine would be very happy to give more information if somebody is interested. Though I understand that it is great to have beautyful pictures - but it is also very difficult to get them

Glenmorangie: Hello Dear Lisa, Please, could you precise to whom you have replied ? It seems there is someting wrong somewhere : I see "Re:Glenmorangie" at the top of your post but, on the other hand, you say "thank you Dianne" Thank you very much in advance Best regards, Françoise

Lisa: Dear francoise, Oops, I am sorry... I had some difficulties with answering this post and by the time I finally managed, I must have mixed up the names... Of course i meant your post with all the informayion on the puppies So, thank you again And by the way there is also an english version of catherine's homepage -> if you click on the little english flag on the top corner of her website.

Glenmorangie: Oh well, that's right now The English version..... hum, yes... well, in fact the UK flag is so small that I just saw it yesterday !!! This is the websites provider's fault "chiens-de-france" Best regards, Françoise

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