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F-Litter du Finfond - Puppies available in France

Lisa: Finally there are the first puppies by my sweet boy 'Skip' born on 25th of June 2010 1 tri girl (very promising), 1 sable girl with lots of white and 3 sable boys are looking for loving (show?) homes! Sire: A JCh, A ClubCh, H Ch, A Ch and InterCh MultiClubWinner, Bundessieger 2008 Braveheart Cody von Weidmann's Winzerhof [BGH 1] HD-A (free), CEA DNA non-carrier, MDR1 +/-, Eyes clear as puppy and 2010 Dam: Fr Ch, BOB Camail du Vent des Moissons [CSAU, TAN-A] HD-A (free), CEA DNA carrier, MDR1 +/-, Eyes clear Pictures are on the breeder's homepage, Kennel du Finfond If you are interested feel free to contact me or breeder Catherine Brisedou All Puppies will be CEA and MDR1 DNA tested!

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Finfond: ,

Glenmorangie: Heuuuh....... slight problem, Finfond ? OK, I will try to help you. No guaranteed result, though Best regards, Françoise

Finfond: Hello! I had not so far decided to join this forum but I think the time has come today as I want to thank you all for your help and advice, especially Françoise for her kind words that warmed my heart Concerning the technical quality of my pictures, you will understand, I am not a professional, I am an amateur, I should say a loving amateur, who does her best So, if you get any interest in one (or several!) of my sweet puppies, please, feel free to contact me here c.finfond@yahoo.fr (please copy/paste in your mail software) : I will be sooooooo happy to answer your questions and to send you more loving amateur's photos & videos ... By the way, I am pleased to tell you that Princess Fissa Fissa is no more available as she found in Germany her dreamy family Kind greetings from very south of France, Catherine

Lisa: The puppies are 5 months old today! The three boys are still looking for a loving home, they are all very active but gentle puppies. Fahd and Ftizen (both CEA carrier and MDR1 +/+) would make great show/stud dogs as well as they would be perfect friends for a family or active person. Fech is the most active and brave of the brothers - he would be absolutely perfect for a sportive home! New pictures are on Catherine's Homepge - if you know someone who could be interested in the boys please feel free to forward the information and help the boys getting their own families

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