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Icy Krasna Louka - tric and sable puppies

Gabriela: Parents: Jack Mack's Reobhartan x Icy Krasna Louka Breeder: Tereza Hillebrantova 2 boys and 5 girls More info and fantastic Tereza's photo: click here

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Gabriela: I don't know how anybody can put 7 puppies together, but Tereza does

Gabriela: nice to meet you The rough guy is my sheltie puppy

Gabriela: The puppies are leaving for new homes - that's an end of Tereza's puppy series. I'm looking forward to the next one, with Julie Krasna Louka and Loriseum Abreu

Eposia: Wonderful !! a real pleasure

Gabriela: Icy, Julie, Melody and Mandarinka Krasna Louka. Enjoy

JT: Really lovely puppies & pictures

Gabriela: Matahari Krasna Louka AVAILABLE

Gabriela: Mercedes Krasna Louka

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