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Regards from Finland

Pinehillside's: Hi, I want to wish you all welcome to meet my Smooth Collies too Here is the link: http://koti.mbnet.fi/pinehill/ Warm regards Elina & Pinehillside's Smooth Collies

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Jencolcollies: Hi Elina, was only admiring your dogs the other day! Jenny

Pinehillside's: Hi Jenny, Nice that you are here too

Twinway: Hello Elina, Nice to meet you here! Always nice pics on your website . Regards Mélanie

Selbit: Hello! Beautiful dogs and a good site!

Pinehillside's: Thank you

Natalain: Hello Elina! Welcome!!! You have beautifull dogs and very nice site with super photos!!!

Roberta Semenzato: Hi your dogs are extraordinary In Italy you have a lot of fan of Hartly henry... he is a real super dog! One of my most favourites!

Roberta Semenzato: ...do you have some informations about this litter: http://koti.mbnet.fi/pinehill/ticolitter6.htm i try to see breeder's web site but it is not online

Pinehillside's: Hi Roberta Uups, I have an old link in there, new link is: http://personal.inet.fi/koti/kangasvuokon/ I haven't got any new information about this litter.. sorry But may be you will find out something from breeder's site

catrin: Hi ELina! Nice to "see" you here!

Pinehillside's: Some updates.. New pictures of our French bitch, Cheyenne du Vent des Moissons (http://koti.mbnet.fi/pinehill/tilli.htm) .. and some show news

Pinehillside's: I add a new album in my gallery.. -> first snow Boys just love to play in snow...

Roberta Semenzato: tnx 4 informations

Pinehillside's: Some updates.. We have a new family member in our pack.. "Jagi", Turella's Baroque Gold He arrival today..

Mabinogion: congratulations to your new puppie and ofcourse good luck in the future!

Pinehillside's: Our puppy plans are updated :)

Pinehillside's: Rodi celebrate his 9'th birthday today Some pictures in news site

Jencolcollies: Happy Birthday Rodi

Selbit: Pinehillside's пишет: Rodi celebrate his 9'th birthday today

Pinehillside's: Hello, We want to introduce a new member of our "gang", Intimus

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