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Regards from Finland

Pinehillside's: Hi, I want to wish you all welcome to meet my Smooth Collies too Here is the link: http://koti.mbnet.fi/pinehill/ Warm regards Elina & Pinehillside's Smooth Collies

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Jencolcollies: Hi Elina, was only admiring your dogs the other day! Jenny

Pinehillside's: Hi Jenny, Nice that you are here too

Twinway: Hello Elina, Nice to meet you here! Always nice pics on your website . Regards Mélanie

Selbit: Hello! Beautiful dogs and a good site!

Pinehillside's: Thank you

Natalain: Hello Elina! Welcome!!! You have beautifull dogs and very nice site with super photos!!!

Roberta Semenzato: Hi your dogs are extraordinary In Italy you have a lot of fan of Hartly henry... he is a real super dog! One of my most favourites!

Roberta Semenzato: ...do you have some informations about this litter: http://koti.mbnet.fi/pinehill/ticolitter6.htm i try to see breeder's web site but it is not online

Pinehillside's: Hi Roberta Uups, I have an old link in there, new link is: http://personal.inet.fi/koti/kangasvuokon/ I haven't got any new information about this litter.. sorry But may be you will find out something from breeder's site

catrin: Hi ELina! Nice to "see" you here!

Pinehillside's: Some updates.. New pictures of our French bitch, Cheyenne du Vent des Moissons (http://koti.mbnet.fi/pinehill/tilli.htm) .. and some show news

Pinehillside's: I add a new album in my gallery.. -> first snow Boys just love to play in snow...

Roberta Semenzato: tnx 4 informations

Pinehillside's: Some updates.. We have a new family member in our pack.. "Jagi", Turella's Baroque Gold He arrival today..

Mabinogion: congratulations to your new puppie and ofcourse good luck in the future!

Pinehillside's: Our puppy plans are updated :)

Pinehillside's: Rodi celebrate his 9'th birthday today Some pictures in news site

Jencolcollies: Happy Birthday Rodi

Selbit: Pinehillside's пишет: Rodi celebrate his 9'th birthday today

Pinehillside's: Hello, We want to introduce a new member of our "gang", Intimus

Lea: nice, we have also horses

Pinehillside's: My dear "Rodi" celebrate his 10'th birthday today

Jencolcollies: Happy Birthday rodi

JT: Aapo wishes you Rody a Happy Bday and lots of good and healthy years;)!

mojito: Happy Birdhday Rodi :)

Pinehillside's: Thank you

Pinehillside's: My sweet boy "Tico", Honey Melon Hartley Henry, celebrate today his 10'th birthdays.. Here is couple of pictures of him..

Nelson: Big congratulation for such a great bithday!!!

OneWay's: Congratulations to a lovely boy!

Jack Mack: Congratulations from children and grandchildren and all others in Jack Mack's Nest! Keep going strong Tico!

Pinehillside's: Toffo celebrate today his 5'th birthday with Rodi and Tico.. And some more pictures.. Rodi, Honey Melon Galliano Mist (at the age of 11,5, years old) click here Toffo, Jack Mack's Kannfadhna click here Tico, Honey Melon Hartley Henry (10 years old) click here

Eposia: Happy Birthday Toffo

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