Smooth collie`s sites Aapo from Estonia

Aapo from Estonia

JT: You can find information about my dog here: Best regards, Jaanika

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Natalain: Hello Jaanika! Welcome here! You have good site and nice young boy! Have you seen photos of his brother who lives in Tomsk (Russia)?

JT: Hi Natalian! Yes I saw him. He is really cut!!

JT: I have made a webpage to my smoothie Aapo, just to gather the most important info together. The webpage is still under construction. I'm still keeping the blog for our everyday events and doings. To see the website, click here:

Dianne: Hi Jaanika - I enjoyed your great web site and love your boy, Aapo. We were in Estonia last year - we visited beautiful Tallinn.

Lisa: Hey JT - we are now website neighbours I like a lot, it's so easy to handle for someone who has no idea of computers and homepages (like me)

JT: Thank you Dianne and Lisa! Lisa, all day I was thinking how wicked it was that I made in the same website page, with almost the same name and template. Only later I discovered and noticed the weird coincidence .. but as I told you, we smoothies fans think alike The good thing is that now we can help each other with the discovering and learning the webpage opportunities

MacGees: JT, very nice website and good photos of Aapo I especially liked the colour of the background, green is my favourite colour..

JT: Thank you Sari!