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Im new ... from england

willowhurst: HI, we are from England , we have 3 smooth collies 2 shelties and a rough collie puppy Website is in progress , pleased to meet all fiona xx

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Jencolcollies: Glad to see you here! Jenny and all at Jencol

Natalain: willowhurst Hello and welcome!!!

Mabinogion: hai Welcome here

willowhurst: Thank you all from fiona

Tiggers: willowhurst Welcome here Have you website or something?

willowhurst: hi . in the making , just getting time ... watch this space fiona x

willowhurst: http://willowhurstsmoothcollies.webs.com/ Hi . Lots more to add and lots more dogs to post but in the making and early stages fiona and all at willowhurst xxx

Glenmorangie: Hello Fiona As we say in France : "Paris ne s'est pas fait en 1 jour" (litterally : "Paris has not been built in one day") I just looked at your web site and I must say that the idea of the book is excellent, well done Congratulations to you and Mickey for his very great show results He looks so stunning !!! I impatiently wait for your other Smooths and Shelties pictures.... Best regards from Françoise and her Glenmorangie Gang

willowhurst: Thank you , we went to East Anglian Collie Open show today and we got RESERVE BEST IN SHOW so we re ove the moon with that. Will put it on the website , watch this space

Natalain: willowhurst Congratulations with new great success! I like your website very much! Super design idea!

MacGeeґs: Nice website willowhurst!

Glenmorangie: Just looked at your site.... Congratulations Mickey is really great

willowhurst: Thanks so much Natalain , MacGeer's and Glenmorangie love fiona @ willowhurst xx

mojito: Welcome and CONGRATULATIONS

Dianne: Hello and welcome from France - we have the Collienet forum in common already - great to have you on this one too. Looking forward to seeing how the new members of your family grow up. Dianne

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