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Allegory Smoothies from Finland

Godiva: Our website is finally published. There are lots and lots of pictures I still have to add, but this is a start. http://www.allegorysmooths.net/ (front page) http://www.allegorysmooths.net/forforeignfriends.htm (direct link to my English summary page) I hope you like it.

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Duna: Very nice site!

willowhurst: Lovely website .. will be looking forwrd to updates fiona x

Lisa: I already looked at it earlier, very nice page! May I ask what "Allegory! means, for you've mentioned it's meaning on your page but didn't tell it then ;-) well done page

Godiva: Thank you all! I am trying my best with the updates. Lisa, this is the story behind the name: When I had to send my kennel prefix application to Finnish Kennel Club years ago, I suddenly looked at one book in my desk. That book was The Allegory of Love – A Study in Medieval Tradition by C.S. Lewis - I was studying Medieval and Renaissance literature then (my main subject in the university has been Comparative Literature). Allegorical romances (definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romance_(genre) ) were very typical for that period and I felt that this prefix was something original and "my very own". In my Finnish pages I have explained all the literary sources for the names I gave to my litter G. There is a special story behind every name - a story from each dog's puppyhood. Just ask and I tell you.

Lisa: I'd love to hear that, I really love giving nice names to dogs :-) when Skip was a pup we hoped to get a bitch out of that litter, her name would have been "Beautyful Mind" or "Brimstone Butterfly", but as he turned out to be a dog, he caught me off guard and I couldn't think of a nice name quick enough then we decided to call him "Cody" and added that to his pedigree name, but when we picked him up at 8 weeks, he yust wouldn't fit to that name. He was so much like a little kangaroo, we just had to name him after "Skippy - the Bushkangaroo" and it was too late to change his pedigree then

Godiva: Lisa: I think Skippy is perfect name for a sable dog. I add those "behind the name" stories to my English pages in the future. I already did some updating by adding new pictures for all dogs.

Godiva: Now I have added the video gallery I promised: http://allegorysmooths.net/galleria_videot.htm

Godiva: Updates in July and August: new pics and puppy plans. Our warrior princess is now engaged to a foreign prince.

popec1: Привет, я тут новенький, давайте знакомиться!Меня зовут Даша вот моя фотка. я тут голенькая! Ну будем знакомы!!!! Давайте делитесь своми фотами! Буду очень рада!!

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