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Milka & Ville

MiVi: Hello everyone! I'm new on this forum but I decided to advertise (hahah) my collies' site right away! So here they are: Timonan Unett Uniny "Milka" & Ima Dream of Meadows "Ville" >>[url=http://viuhku.net/tossut] KLICK [/url]<< (blog)

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Jack Mack: Hi, welcome I had a lot of fun watching your site and reading your blog

MiVi: I'm happy to hear that! I hope You notice that Milka Jack Mack's Kannfadhna's daughter, and shes a total piece of gold for me

Jack Mack: Sure and I liked what I saw


JT: Very nice homepage Good luck with your dogs and I hope they bring you lots of joy & happiness

MiVi: Thank you! :) JT; I'm sure they will! <3

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