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Hello from Belgium

clauudine: Hello, Thank you for your invitation for this forum. My English isn't very correct but I hope you understand me. We are 4 smooth collies and you can see in our website: http://users.skynet.be/ofmeadows I hope your forum are a very big succes for the smoothies Best regards Claudine and Laurent Delheille "Of Meadows" Belgium

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Natalain: Hello Clauudine ! Thank you for your link! Nice site! Could you write who is a parents of your Amos Von Sconau? (I know about the others)

clauudine: Hello, The father of Amos is Jack Mack's Fellow Felix and his mother is Velvet Vyvianne du Clos des Castaigniers

Natalain: Clauudine , thank you!

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